Hall of Fame

CCE Reynolds-Hanafin-Cooley Branch
Northeast Regional Hall of Fame Inductees

1998 – 2011

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Inductee Instrument/Talent Inducted
Billy Caples
(updated May 3, 2014)
Button Accordion 21-Feb-1998
Joe Derrane (b. 1930)(updated May 3, 2014) Button Accordion 21-Feb-1998
James (Jimmy) Hogan
*(d. 2007)
Tin Whistle 20-Feb-1999
Paddy Cronin Fiddle 19-Feb-2000
Francis (Frank) G. Neylon
Concert Flute 19-Feb-2000
Eugene Preston *(1902-1987) Flute 19-Feb-2000
Brendan Tonra
(updated May 3, 2014)
Fiddle 28-Oct-2000
Jimmy Kelly
*(d. 2001)
Banjo & Fiddle 28-Oct-2000
Sally Kelly  Piano 28-Oct-2000
Maureen Kelly Piano, Accordion, Piano, Stepdance 28-Oct-2000
Tommy Kelly  Bagpipes, Drums, Tin Whistle & Saxophone 28-Oct-2000
*Martin McDonagh Button Accordion 10-Nov-2001
Joseph Connolly  Button Accordion 10-Nov-2001
*Michael McDonough  Button Accordion 10-Nov-2001
*John (Jack) Diamond  Button Accordion 10-Nov-2001
Thomas (Tommy) R. Sheridan Button Accordion 10-Nov-2001
Bill Black
(updated May 2014)
Musician 9-Nov-2002
Seamus Connolly  Fiddle 9-Nov-2002
Larry Reynolds, Sr.
Fiddle 9-Nov-2002
Boston Comhaltas Ceili Band Ceili Band 9-Nov-2002
Larry Reynolds, Jr. Fiddle 9-Nov-2002
Michael Reynolds Accordion & Singing 9-Nov-2002
Paddy Reynolds Ceili Drums 9-Nov-2002
Sean Reynolds Fiddle 9-Nov-2002
Fergus Keane Button Accordion, Melodeon, Tin Whistle & Fiddle 9-Nov-2002
John Keane Flute 9-Nov-2002
Mairin Ui Cheide
(b. 1958)
Irish Singing 1-Nov-2003
Sally Harney
(b. 1939)
Ceili, Set and Step Dancing 1-Nov-2003
Michael J. Connolly  Harmonica 1-Nov-2003
Tara Lynch  Button Accordion 1-Nov-2003
*Joe Joyce
Button Accordion 1-Nov-2003
Jack Conroy
(b. 1932)
Button Accordion 6-Nov-2004
*Michael C. Hanafin
Fiddle 6-Nov-2004
*William Hanafin
Fiddle & Uilleann Pipes 6-Nov-2004
Kitty D’Entremont
(b. 1918)
Piano 5-Nov-2005
Eamon Flynn Fiddle, Button Accordion & Tin Whistle 5-Nov-2005
*Owen Frain
(b. 1896)
Flute & Piano 5-Nov-2005
Gene Frain
(b. 1926)
Tin Whistle, Flute & Piano 5-Nov-2005
* Pat Martin
Flute 5-Nov-2005
Jimmy Noonan
(b. 1962)
Flute 5-Nov-2005
Frank Kennedy Cuiditheoir 4-Nov-2006
John Curran  Broadcasting & Cuiditheoir 4-Nov-2006
Jim Flynn  Button Accordion & Harmonica 3-Nov-2007
* Mary Irwin
Piano 3-Nov-2007
Thomas J. Garvey Piano 1-Nov-2008
*John “Jack” Storer Button Accordion 1-Nov-2008
* Thomas Senier Button Accordion 1-Nov-2008
Bulger, Brendan (updated May 2014) Fiddle 3-Nov-2011


Reynolds, Hanafin, Cooley Branch – Boston, MA