Since its founding in 1975, Boston’s CCÉ branch has evolved to become one of the largest branches of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann with a membership of musicians, dancers, teachers and patrons dedicated to preserving the traditions of Ireland through its Music, Dance, Language and Culture. The group includes members from many ethnic backgrounds who enjoy playing, dancing to, and listening to Ireland’s music for sheer enjoyment. Learn more about our organization and membership in our organization.

Massachusetts Non-Profit Organization

Our local branch  was founded in Boston in 1975 as the Hanafin-Cooley Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann, since changed to the Reynolds-Hanafin-Cooley branch, and is registered as a Massachusetts not-for-profit corporation under General Laws-Chapter 180. The Internal Revenue Service has approved Comhaltas Boston as a qualified non-profit organization under IRC Sec. 501(c)(3).

Serving Our Mission

CCÉ Boston is accomplishing its mission of preserving and sharing Irish traditional music and culture by offering many branch activities that support this mission, including:

The results of these class efforts are demonstrated and enjoyed at monthly Ceili seisiuns. All are welcome to participate in the weekly classes and bi-monthly seisiuns featuring the Boston Comhaltas Musicians.

Bi-Monthly Ceilis

Join the fun at our Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann Reynolds-Hanafin-Cooley Boston Branch Bi-Monthly Seisiun playing music for Set & Ceili Dancing or dancing to the tunes, held the 1st & 4th Sundays from 3pm – 7pm from September to June at the Canadian-American Hall, 202 Arlington St., Watertown, MA. Check the calendar for upcoming dates.

Irish Music

Irish music is like no other. It dates back to early times, but because it was isolated from continental Europe, it retained its unique form when the music of other lands was developing under common influences.

Largely compiled by itinerant bards and harpers, Irish music tended to be accompaniment for verses and stories, rather than dramatic composition, it retains a highly personal element reflecting moods and people. As such, it is truly representative of a warm, poetic and ancient Celtic people.

Traditional Irish Music

Dedicated to the preservation of traditional Irish music, Comhaltas works assiduously in teaching music to the young. Youthful musicians, under the auspices of the Reynolds-Hanafin-Cooley Branch, have performed in world championship competitions in Ireland, bringing honor to themselves and to their teachers and proving to the world the continuing love of Ireland and her music in America.

Because it is committed to a pure form of the music arts, Comhaltas does not court or attain the fleeting recognition of popular music groups. Therefore, Comhaltas needs and deserves the support of those people and organizations that appreciate and promote the ancient beauty and culture of Ireland.

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Reynolds, Hanafin, Cooley Branch – Boston, MA