CCÉ Boston Membership and Dues

Membership is Open to All

All are welcome to join CCÉ. Membership is open to all who apply and all are invited to share in the musically rewarding and friendly society of Comhaltas.


In addition to the cultural and social benefits we hope you will enjoy, your membership includes a subscription to our monthly branch Newsletter informing you about our local and regional activities and quarterly issues of Treoir, the official Comhaltas magazine published in Ireland.

Membership Year

Fiscal Year membership term is November 1 to October 31 each year. Dues for the fiscal year are due and payable by November 1st.


We hope you realize the value of being a part of the Comhaltas organization. Your continued membership will reaffirm pride in your heritage and exemplify strong support for traditional Irish music, dance, and culture.

Print a  CCÉ Membership Application Form and mail it with along with the appropriate membership fee.

Where the Dues Go

Our local Comhaltas group pays a Provincial level assessment to cover the cost of mailing Treoir; the international magazine is one of the benefits of membership in the Comhaltas organization. The Provincial Council handles the importing and mailing of Treoir magazine. Using US mail is still the most practical method to ensure that all our members receive this magazine dedicated to traditional Irish music.


Members who are currently receiving the paper (mailed) version of the Newsletter and who agree to receive future issues of the Newsletter via email, kindly contact Barbara Davis at and let her know. We will of course need your email address (and the best way to get a correct email address is if we receive an email from you). Please also let her know of any email address changes so you will continue to receive your Newsletter and any special announcements we may send out via email.

Help Keep Costs Down by Subscribing via Email

Printing and mailing our own Newsletter is the branch’s biggest expense. We are fortunate to have a strong base of advertisers that help defray this cost. Their advertising support helps us to mitigate printing and postage costs. Increasing postage costs have a big impact on our organization. You can help to keep these costs down by subscribing to the monthly newsletter by email.

Dues for the Current Year

Current Year dues remain unchanged from the previous year and are as follows:

  • Individual Adult Membership $25
  • Second Adult at same address $8 (that’s $33, if you’re counting)
  • Couples $33 (same as two adults – makes sense)
  • Junior Membership (under 18 years) $5
  • Family Membership (with all children) $40

Join us today by completing the Membership Application form and mailing it with a check payable to “CCÉ”

Mail to:

Michael Hickey
CCÉ Treasurer
100 Woodpecker Road
Stoughton, MA 02072.

A hearty welcome to all our newest members and sincere thanks to those who sent in timely renewals.

We Appreciate Prompt Payment of Dues

Treasurer, Michael Hickey, and Secretary, Maureen Conway, send their sincere thanks to branch members who promptly send in their membership dues. Prompt payment ensures uninterrupted receipt of the next issue of the branch Newsletter and the CCE magazine Treoir.

Keep Us Informed of Address Changes

Please take time to let us know about name, mailing or Email address changes or corrections. Contact Maureen Conway with member  address changes or corrections at or 617-895-6108.

Reynolds, Hanafin, Cooley Branch – Boston, MA