Chicago E ceoil

2020 Chicago eComórtas Ceoil

The ongoing worldwide Pandemic has shut down the entire official 2020 CCE Fleadhanna schedule including our North American qualifying Fleadhs in the Midatlantic and Midwest regions for this year. In the vacuum, the Murphy Roche Branch CCE who were to host the Midwest Fleadh decided to organize a different type of event called the 2020 Chicago eComórtas Ceoil where solo registrants can get feedback on a submitted audio file by adjudicators selected by Murphy Roche.
Full details are on the Murphy Roche Irish Music Club Facebook Page and where you must register by Monday midnight May 4 (Chicago Time.
Audio files must be submitted by May 9 and results will be via an online Zoom Party on May 17.  While Comhaltas Fleadhann Ceoil rules for solo submissions will be followed and there are discounts for CCE members who apply, it is an open “competition” for anyone and results will not have any official Comhaltas standing.  The intention of the organizing branch is to have a bit of fun and challenge music students and keep spirits up.