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Reynolds-Hanafin-Cooley Branch – Boston, Massachusetts USA

Boston Comhaltas Music School's Réaltaí Geala Ensemble Class ~ “Bright Stars”
Boston Comhaltas Music School’s Réaltaí Geala Ensemble Class ~ “Bright Stars”

The Boston Comhaltas Music School operates on tight margins. Donations are appreciated, and will be put to good use towards scholarships, extra classes/sessions for students, and maintenance of the school rental instruments. Thanks, your support aids us in keeping the tradition alive.


Celtic CrossFunds may be designated for the Boston Comhaltas Music School or a Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of a deceased loved one . . . or to honor the living on the occasion of an anniversary, birthday, promotion, or any honorary event .

A proper tribute for lovers of Irish traditional music

Send donations to: Boston Comhaltas Music School c/o Michael Hickey, Treasurer, 100 Woodpecker Rd., Stoughton, MA 02072

Reynolds, Hanafin, Cooley Branch – Boston, MA